Strategy & Consulting

I offer continuous consulting work to develop new diversity and inclusion mandates specific to your company’s needs. It starts with a company deep dive, and then I work with your team, or facilitate workshops related to diversity, gender, inclusion, and communication. 

This is a great first step if you don’t know where to start, but want to acknowledge the system of oppression within organizations, how to change corporate culture, and how to develop an inclusive and healthy workplace. I also offer specific consulting for human resources professionals to champion diversity and inclusion initiatives, hiring practices, and execute strategic initiatives.

Building Equitable Performance Assessment

Acknowledging employee differences and creating an inclusive work space is important, but how do you measure success with diversity and inclusion initiatives?

I will work with your company or organization to create specific, measurable, timely goals, and action steps to ensure you can verify and see results. Talking about diversity is one thing, but creating an inclusive, healthy working environment is how you’ll see lasting, positive changes.

Education & Competency Building

The first step in having a more inclusive company or organization is awareness. Some employees will be learning about diversity, inclusion, and subversive exclusion for the first time, others will have dealt with biases and disadvantages based on race their entire lives. My half-day seminars discuss the ways in which everyone’s unique background is an important benefit to your team and how inclusion is about making sure everyone feels accepted, respected, and seen.

Leadership Development

Want to be a more inclusive leader but don’t know where to start or what language to use? Inclusion is important for all levels of management. Learn how to best communicate, lead by example, and ultimately change perspectives. I will work with your leadership team to demonstrate positive responses and thought processes to uncover hidden biases, relearn new inclusive behaviors to improve business acumen and provide examples of the best ways to communicate with your team to create a diverse, inclusive environment. These can be one on one leadership coaching sessions or taught to teams of managers/executive management.


I provide one on one coaching and counseling sessions with professionals of color to develop their personal brands, advance in their careers, and how to best navigate their organizations and coworkers to make inclusion work for them.

“I knew, even then, that whenever I nodded along in ignorance, I lost an opportunity, betrayed the wonder in me by privileging the appearance of knowing over the work of finding out.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates
Author, We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy (2017)